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Ananiev Mikhail Aleksandrovich, Doctor of economic sciences, professor, Research Institute “Food Security”, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (36 Stremyanniy lane, Moscow, Russia),

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Background. The improvement of the conceptual framework for further development of the mechanism for strategic management of the national food security system is becoming especially urgent due to a growing influence of climate threats, external and internal factors and the need for its adaptation in the face of growing
competition in the global food market. Therefore, the research aims to solve the problems of guaranteeing the needs of the national food market on the basis of further development of the theory and practice of strategic management of the processes of creating an adaptive regional product structure.
Materials and methods. Main problems were identified on the basis of analysis and evaluation of the structure, forms and methods of strategic management of the national food security system. Such problems include imperfection of the mechanism of organizational and economic management of regional food market’s economic structure development due to the non-use of the territorial-product approach and the application of the territorial-sectoral approach. This leads to the monopolization of the product economic potential, its destructuring in subjects of the Russian Federation.
Results. The study of real practice of strategic management of the national food supply system has allowed to substantiate the methodological approach to its improvement based on the implementation of the principles of the territorial product approach that takes into account the resource potential of the entire aggregate of the
economic complex of the regional food supply system regarding its role and destination in the food market.
Conclusions. The methodological approach based on the implementation of systemic strategic management of the national food supply system should assume the development of the resource potential of regional product structures on the basis of the program-targeted approach in the process of formation and regulation of the mechanism of functioning of the food market’s economic structures.

Key words

national food supply system, strategic management, resource potential, stability, competitiveness, profitability

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